Dhruv Visvanath

October 11 – 13: Black Belt Songwriting Camp Stockholm, featuring Dhrev Visvanath

This October, we welcome Indian singer/songwriter Dhrev Visvanath to Stockholm and our first songwriting camp with people attending both on-site and online. Buy a ticket if you want to write a song together with this rising star, praised by Rolling Stone Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA. His albums the Lost Cause and Orion are full of emotionally charged and rhythmically intense songs that will improve your life – you have to listen.

Camp Member on Stage

Did you know that the Beatles toured Sweden in 1963, before they got really big? They performed at the Eskilstuna Sporthall along with local Swedish talents like Trio med Bumba and The Violents.

Right now, it’s easy to get the feeling that history is repeating itself… Lithuanian super talent and former Black Belt Songwriting Camp attendee, Juozas Martin, is playing Örebro Saluhall, Thursday, Sept. 5 at 20:00. We’ll be there, and we’ll be able to say:

“I saw him at the Örebro Saluhall before he went really big”

Juozas at the ESC